Can you help re-think the design of ‘Small Pool Subsea Tie-backs’?

The majority of the c.210 UKCS Small Pools are located within tie-back distance to existing infrastructure. 

How we approach the design of UKCS subsea tie-backs can play a significant role in reducing life-cycle costs, potentially making these pools economic. A re-think in our design approach to subsea tie-backs will not be limited to the development of new technology but may involve re-thinking a range of topics including design practices and standardisation.  

During this session, we will introduce the OGTC Small Pools Solution Centre and present some of the work undertaken to date, which underpins our thoughts on developing Small Pools. We would then like to undertake a Q&A session followed by the roll out of a design competition focused on re-thinking the design of UKCS subsea tie-backs.