Tech20: I’m not an innovator, get me out of here!

A social showcase for speakers presenting technology focused topics. 

We have launched a series of weekly events called ‘Tech20’ to help inspire a culture of innovation in the North-East of Scotland.

The events take place in our Innovation Hub and will feature an expert speaker giving a thought-provoking insight into a technology, theme or business area.

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John Hunter, Emergent Technology Director, Tendeka

The majority of people in teams wouldn’t consider themselves Innovators, very few people would be bold enough to make that claim. But the truth is far from that, we all have that potential. History shows us than man has adapted, created, developed. Everything we see around us is either from nature or made my man. All of the technology we use in daily or work life was invented, built and tested by people like you and me.


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From this premise, Tendeka started their SPARK program. By showing that no one person can do it all and that Innovation and Ideas are always the result of multiple people, Tendeka has been able to work together and generate some excellent results. They filed a patent last year for a system that will enable life of well wireless devices and have started a number of projects supporting existing product lines. Wider benefits have included team building and growth of individuals during the program.

John will outline WHY they do this, HOW they go about it and WHAT it has brought.