Latest ‘Calls for Ideas’ - coming soon!

You can preregister for our first digital transformation and decommissioning ‘Calls for Ideas’.

We’ll invest c.£2 million in a portfolio of projects that can unlock the full potential of the UK North Sea.


Our first digital transformation and decommissioning ‘Calls for Ideas’ are in the pipeline - click here to preregister your interest!

There’s c.£1million up for grabs with each Call, which we’ll invest in a portfolio of projects that can unlock the full potential of the UK North Sea.

The Calls launch on 14 December and we’re looking for innovative ideas and concepts that can help solve the following challenges:

Machine learning to identify remaining hydrocarbon potential

We believe that sophisticated analytics techniques, such as machine learning, could help operators maximise economic recovery and extend field life.

There are significant volumes of industry data collected during hydrocarbon exploration and production, but it is often held in different formats and is of variable vintage and quality. This makes it difficult to analyse and identify areas of remaining hydrocarbon potential.

We’re looking for digital technology approaches that can help organise and distil key information from the large volume of available data, and then rapidly screen and assess these conditioned data. The results will help operators focus on remaining zones of interest and be an input to key end of field life decisions.

Alternative ‘life support’ for decommissioning

Keeping an asset’s original power generation and utilities, also known as life support systems, running during decommissioning is a time, resource and cost intensive activity.

Industry has reported recurring difficulties in recent and current decommissioning programmes resulting in low flexibility, lost time, cost overruns and inconvenience to on board personnel.

We want technology ideas for an integrated, modular, environmentally friendly and cost-effective life support solution that allows operators complete flexibility on the timing and removal strategy of their assets.

Full technical details and an overview on the Call for Ideas process will be available from 14 December.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email