Open Innovation Programme

Our Open Innovation Programme is YOUR opportunity to get involved in unlocking the full potential of the UK North Sea.

We are working with operators, suppliers, universities and technology providers to identify, accelerate and deploy innovative technologies.

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Our Open Innovation Programme brings us all together via technology showcases, Tech Talks and workshops that inspire new thinking. The Call for Ideas process is a key part of the Open Innovation Programme. Let’s look at how it works.

Call for Ideas

The Call for Ideas process is a key part of our Open Innovation Programme. It’s our primary means of reaching out to the technology community to identify, support and fund innovative solutions. We issue a diverse range of calls throughout the year. This helps us attract new ideas to our Innovation Hub, select projects for our Solution Centres, and identify smaller companies to benefit from our Technology Accelerator.

Each call has a fund of c.£1million to invest in a portfolio of projects.

Upcoming Calls for Ideas

We have two upcoming Calls for Ideas which launch on 14 December:

Theme Title Summary Deadline  Action
Digital transformation Machine learning to identify remaining hydrocarbon potential We’re looking for digital analytics approaches, such as machine learning, that can rapidly organise, distil, screen and assess data from oil and gas wells. Often held in different formats and of variable quality, the data could lead to new discoveries, help extend field life and maximise economic recovery. 26/01/18 Find out more and submit your idea

Alternative 'life support' solution

Maintaining original power generation and utilities, also known as ‘life support’ systems, during asset decommissioning is inefficient and costly. We are looking for integrated, modular, environmentally friendly and cost-effective life support solutions, that create flexibility in how and when facilities are decommissioned. 16/02/18 Find out more and submit your idea

Past Call for Ideas

Well Construction - Transforming well plug & abandonment

Asset Integrity - Enhancing pressure vessel and tank inspection using robotics

Small Pools - Subsea plug and play


Please email if you have any questions.