Decommissioning is one of the biggest technical and operational challenges facing the UKCS. Our aim is to identify, co-fund and manage projects that will accelerate technologies to drive down the costs of decommissioning, whilst creating a robust supply chain to service this global demand.

Our Decommissioning Solution Centre is working with industry partners to bring innovative new technologies to market, in a timely manner.


The challenge of decommissioning

One of the five solution centres now up and running within the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, the Decommissioning Solution Centre is focused on accelerating new technologies to market that will help to reduce the decommissioning costs that our industry now faces.

Together, we need to drive the technology innovation that will not only help to maximise economic recovery, but also ensure that facilities are decommissioned efficiently and cost-effectively, while helping the UK to become a world leader in this growing global market. 

Oil & Gas UK has reported that annual expenditure on decommissioning is expected to be around £2 billion on the UKCS by 2018 making up 12 per cent of total expenditure. Over the next decade, some 100 platforms are forecast for complete or partial removal – and close to 7,500 kilometres of pipeline are lined up for decommissioning. On the UKCS, £17.6 billion is forecast to be spent on decommissioning between 2016 and 2025 – with over 50% (£9.4 billion) of the forecast expenditure on the UKCS will be concentrated in the central North Sea. With the global market being exponentially greater. This is the challenge and the market that we need to respond to.

Driving excellence in decommissioning 

To meet these challenges, drive technology innovation, and help secure new markets, the Decommissioning Solution Centre will work in close collaboration with our new Field Life Extension and Decommissioning Centre Of Excellence.

A multi-million-pound joint venture with Aberdeen University and Robert Gordon University, the centre of excellence will bring together a wide range of academic researchers, industry experts and business partners with the goal of creating a unique physical environment for collaborative research and development in this field.

It is anticipated the centre of excellence will open in late 2017, and will work with industry, technology providers, governments and trade associations on technology projects that apply the latest academic thinking to the most pressing operational challenges.

Our priorities

We are in discussions with operators, supply chain companies and technology providers to establish the focus areas and priorities for the Decommissioning Strategy, which will establish the priorities of the solution centre and CoE.

Working in partnership

We are working with the industry and regulators to define the significant challenges that face us throughout the decommissioning phase of the UKCS. To help us meet these challenges or to find out how we can help you, please do get in touch with our Decommissioning Solution Centre Manager, Roger Esson at