Project Delivery

Since launching in February 2017, we have co-invested with industry on a wide range of technology projects to transform the North Sea.


Click the links below to find out more about some of the projects we've co-invested in through our Small Pools and Well Construction Solution Centres.

Small Pools

Subsea Power Hub

A ground-breaking turbine system which harnesses the energy within ocean currents to produce autonomous electrical power for small pool assets.

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Well Construction

Thermite Plug

The thermite plug could reduce well P&A costs by up to 35% and save the industry more than £100 million per year. The project brings together the expertise and experience of 12 operators.

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Raptor Oil
Acoustic Data Transmission

Provides high speed wireless acoustic data transmission through a pipe, which exceeds performance improvement of 10x, using a downhole tool (non drilling).

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