TechX: Accelerating Innovation

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Applications are now open for our Pioneers and Market Entry funding programmes.


Start-ups with potentially game-changing technologies.
Up to £100k funding.
Access to expert mentors, global partners and field trial opportunities to help develop and validate new technologies.

Application deadline: 07/02/18

Market Entry

SMEs looking to fast-track oil and gas market entry.
Up to £500k funding.
Designed to attract technology from inside and outside oil and gas. Unrivalled access to end-use customers to prove product readiness.

Applications ongoing.

Reimagine the oil and gas industry

TechX is a unique proposition – providing expertise and support both as a technology accelerator and incubator for start-ups and SMEs.

We’re investing in and supporting smaller, ambitious technology developers to help take their new solutions to market – faster.

At the different stages of the innovation journey, TechX offers access to experienced business mentors, co-working space, forward thinking business partners, rapid prototyping, test facilities, field trials, and showcase events to help commercialise new technologies.

As well as the Pioneer and Market Entry programmes, TechX Ventures, in partnership with DSV (Deep Science Ventures) seeks to fill technology gaps with revolutionary companies and products. By stimulating new technologies and harnessing both creativity and deep science thinking, we will address future challenges in oil and gas and the low carbon economy.

More information on TechX Ventures will be communicated in 2018.

This is game changing. The future of the oil and gas industry on the UK Continental Shelf starts here. If you want to help accelerate that future – get involved.

Further information

If you have any questions or require further information on getting involved with TechX please email