How it works

TechX is unique as an accelerator due to its focus programmes covering, Pioneers, Market Entry and TechX Ventures. But who are our different programmes for and what do they offer?

  • Pioneers

    • Our Pioneers programme provides access to unparalleled funding – with up to £100,000 available to start-ups with new technology ideas, expert mentors and global partners to develop and validate new technologies. What’s more, TechX requires no equity or payback, and the developer retains all intellectual property. We support Pioneers to ensure they are both technology and investment ready.

      Find out more about our first Pioneer cohort.

  • Market Entry

    • We want to accelerate market entry to the oil and gas industry for small and medium sized companies that have technology that requires some final industry input and validation to make it applicable in the oil and gas sector. The TechX Market Entry programme offers unrivalled access to customers and funding to support landscaping, study work, opportunity qualification/ quantification, business model validation and fast track route to field trials.

      Click here to apply for the Market Entry programme.

  • Ventures

    • TechX Ventures, in partnership with DSV (Deep Science Ventures) seeks to fill technology gaps with revolutionary companies and products. By stimulating new technologies and harnessing both creativity and deep science thinking, we will address future challenges in oil and gas and the low carbon economy.

      Find out more about TechX Ventures here.