Robotics Week

Robotics Week identified 15 potential projects that could accelerate the use of robotics offshore.

Oil and gas and robotics specialists collaborated at the Oil & Gas Technology Centre’s Robotics Week from 30 October to 2 November to identify 15 potential projects that could accelerate the use of robotics offshore.

A team of experts from the oil and gas and robotics industries took part in a two-day, facilitated workshop to identify uses cases and technology gaps for the application of air-, land- and sea-based robotics in the offshore energy industry.

The Centre’s Asset Integrity Solution Centre is reviewing the output of the technology gap analysis to identify potential themes for a future ‘Call for Ideas’ and future projects for co-funding and support with industry partners.

The executive summary of the workshops is provided below. The detailed outcomes will be shared with workshop participants in the coming weeks.

(Download executive summary PDF)

Event media

Highlights video

Press announcement: Technology Centre accelerates offshore robotics

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Tech talks

Marine robotics for offshore applications – State-of-the-art and future potential

Presented by Prof David Lane, Centre Director, Edinburgh Centre for Robotics

Autonomous ground robots for oil and gas sites

Presented by Prof Oscar von Stryk, Head of Simulation, Systems Optimization and Robotics Group, Darmstadt University

Advances in unmanned aerial vehicles

Presented by William Jackson EngD, Researcher, Strathclyde University            

Tactical robots

Presented by Ken Pink OBE, Consultant, QinetiQ          

Robotics and automation

Presented by Jeremy Hadall, Chief Technologist - Robotics and Automation, The Manufacturing Technology Centre

Simulation for automation and robotics integration

Presented by Simon Miles, Business Development Manager - Systems Division, The Automated Technology Group