Innovation Hub: Inspiring Innovation

Be creative, experiment with new technologies, challenge conventions and explore new ideas

The Innovation Hub is a place to develop new solutions for industry challenges. We want to stimulate and nurture new ideas, turning them into action plans.


The Innovation Hub is a state-of-the-art facility to drive innovation and accelerate new technologies to help unlock the full potential of the UK North Sea.

The Hub brings industry and technology providers together, connecting problems with solutions and solutions with problems.

Partnering with industry, academia and experts from outside oil and gas, we help innovators to make their ideas tangible, prove the value of their concepts and prepare them for deployment in the oilfield.

By bringing the outside in and engaging organisations from new and different fields, the industry benefits from fresh eyes, new ideas and the potential opportunities for technology from other sectors.

Our programme of innovation events and workshops is driven by the needs and priorities of the industry. The Hub provides the tools and techniques to stimulate and capture creative contributions of participants, accelerating ideas into actions.

It will also be used to inspire the next generation of innovators in partnership with schools, colleges and universities across the region, helping define and create the skills required for the technology-enabled future of the oil and gas industry.

Further information
If you have any questions or require further information on getting involved with our Innovation Hub please contact:

Nikki Tierney, Open Innovation Manager