Tech20 is a social showcase for speakers presenting technology focused topics in 20 minutes or less.

Our Tech20 events will help inspire a culture of innovation in the North East of Scotland.


Tech20 will return on 24 August. 

08.06: Offshore applications for ModSim: an advanced analytical system 

Mike Wooldridge, Universal Pegasus International, provides a short overview on ModSim capabilities and how it can be adapted to provide benefit to the oil & gas industry. 

01.06: The Canary in the Coal Mine - Cyber now and in the future 

Stephen Bonner from Deloitte LLP shares his experiences with cyber security - what's coming next and how we can prepare for it! 



11.05: Where does Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) fit in the Manufacturing Supply Chain? 

Andy Simpson from Angus 3D Solutions looks at how the oil & gas industry can benefit from adopting Additive Manufacturing and aims to help influence the future development of the technology. 


04.05: Not as different as you think? Life science & the oil & gas sector 

Dr. Deborah A. O'Neil from NovaBiotics discusses possible collaboration and learning opportunities between the oil & gas industry and life sciences.

27.04: You are not alone 

Will Mitchell from 4c Design discusses the importance of de-risking the entrepreneurial journey and avoiding some of the common pitfalls of innovation.  

20.04: Smart communications subsea

Niki Chambers from the Oil & Gas Technology Centre discusses the 'all electric subsea future' and the 'subsea internet of things'.

30.03: Shared Autonomy: The Future of Interactive Robotics?

World renowned robotics professor and judge on BBC Robot Wars, Professor Sethu Vijayakumar, discusses the future of interactive robots.

23.03: Journey of a thousand miles

NASA scientist, Nicole Lloyd, joined us for the first STEM Tech20 to to talk about her experiences and the opportunities that STEM subjects can provide.

16.03: Tech Trends 2018

Richard Marshall from Chelsea Apps Factory gives his insight into the top seven emerging technologies that could add value to your business in the next year.

16.03: Immersive technologies

Daniel Cheetham from Happy Finish explores the exciting world of immersive technology, including virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality. 

09.03: From the catwalk to the rig

Davi Quintiere and Matthew Lloren from Slalom UK explore the collaboration lessons that decommissioning can learn from the world of fashion.

23.02: I'm not an innovator, get me out of here!

John Hunter from Tendeka, discusses the company's SPARK programme and how it helps people work together to innovate, generate ideas and deliver results.

16.02: Integrating marine renewables with oil and gas

Chris Pearson from the Oil & gas Technology Centre explores the challenges, opportunities and potential benefits of integrating marine renewables with oil and gas.