Solution Centres: Delivering Innovation

Our Solution Centres work with Operators, Supply Chain, SMEs and Academia to identify technology solutions to challenges in the oil and gas industry.

We co-fund and manage projects to accelerate technologies to deployment and commercialisation, contributing to maximising economic recovery and unlocking the additional potential of the UK North Sea.


Innovation: from ideas to implementation

The Oil & Gas Technology Centre delivers strategic value by supporting research and knowledge dissemination right across the technology lifecycle.

We have worked closely with both the oil and gas Technology Leadership Board and the Oil & Gas Authority to identify five key themes for our Solution Centres; namely asset integrity, wells construction, small pools, decommissioning and digital transformation.

We support operators to deploy new technology using the ‘adopt, adapt and develop’ principle to identify innovative solutions to the challenges that our industry faces seeking inspiration from both within and outwith the oil and gas sector.

Project Delivery

We co-investing with industry on technology projects to transform the North Sea, maximise economic recovery and anchor the supply chain in the North East of Scotland.

Find out more about some of the projects we're working on.


Further information
If you have any questions or require further information on Directed Project Investment or Solution Centre Membership please contact:

Nicola McIntosh, Finance and Commercial Director