Additive manufacturing

We recently held an additive manufacturing workshop, in partnership with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), to learn more about the process and separate the hype from the reality.

The workshop generated four potential projects and we want to know the projects that industry is potentially interested in supporting.

If you want to get involved download the project descriptions and complete the form below.

Click here to download the project descriptions

Interview with Luca Corradi, Innovation Network Director, the OGTC

Click here to read Luca's blog which gives a personal insight into the workshop

Interview with Steve Statham, Associate Director - Emerging Markets, the MTC

Workshop presentations

Hoda Amel from The Manufacturing Technology Centre gives an introduction to additive manufacturing, the benefits it can brings, challenges with using it and how other industries as applying it.

Utkarsha Ankalkhope from The Manufacturing Technology Centre shares his insight on the design process, performance and rules for additive manufacturing.

Tom White, Innovation Owner - Marine & Offshore, Lloyd’s Register shares an insight into the company's approach to additive manufacturing, including case studies.